Saturday, 21 April 2012

Gay Tories: They Exist!

"When Ken Livingstone made his infamous comment about the Tory party being "riddled" with gay men back in February, he ignited a row over his choice of words. But funnily enough, I don't remember anyone taking him to task on the basic fact. They couldn't really, as it is a fact: the Conservative party does have a large number of gay members and supporters...."

Evan Davis rambling away in The Guardian
An embarrassing piece that reads like it was written when he was stoned, quoting a bogus survey about gay men earning more (surveys about marketing to gay men always show this - cause they lie).
Evan, as an economist. you should know better.
Still, silly fantasies about a minority group as a moneyed elite worked so well in Germany in the Thirties, didn't it?
Surveys have said gay men tend to be more to the left than the general population, but posh cunts are posh cunts and class will out. 
Is this really news?

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