Saturday, 21 April 2012

Guardian Weekend: The Gay Issue

The Guardian Weekend has a special "Gay Issue" today.
Well, it's nice to get it all out the way, isn't it?
I gave up after the Evan Davis thing - the straight press's ideas about what's interesting about The Gays is so odd/boring/random/patronising - gay "cures", gay Tories, gay dads, gay fashion, hot lez swingers, a selection of the first photos that came up on Google Images, isn't Alan Carr camp? ("Oh look, he's dressed as the Queen! Ha ha ha! And they've put a rainbow flag on the cover - cause that means so much to The Gays, doesn't it?") - but good luck to you if you can persevere.


  1. I got a funny look in the newsagents when I bought this. From other customers, not the staff, who didn't bat an eyelid.
    I wonder how sales are?

  2. Alan was also in The Sunday Times doing the quickfire Witter/Twitter Q&A...

    Do you ever find the campery and the acts exhausting?

    I do. Being camp is a real drain.

    Don’t you just want to have a night in with a tub of hummus — things normal people do?

    I can’t because it’s my duty to be camp. I don’t think gay rights have gone far enough. I need to keep going!

    Do you have a serious, intellectual side at all?

    What are you saying? This is the trouble when you’re this camp. One headline in a gay magazine recently said: “Is Alan Carr too gay?”