Saturday, 7 April 2012

Harry Hay: Because Of His Dreams

Even among the largely apolitical society of actors, Harry persisted in discussing a gay utopia. At one party when he broached the subject, his date cut him dead with the remark; "My God, you are degenerate!" But at another party, at the Santa Monica Canyon home of stage manager Tom Turner, Harry's notion fared better. He and the host "got to talking about dreams of what we wanted in our lives. And I must have talked about some of my dreams of a team of me like us."
"Following up on the writings of Edward Carpenter, I wanted to discover who gay people were, and what we had contributed, and what we were for. I wanted a way for us to show 'the others' how beautiful our dreams really were. Several of the heardened, experienced queens started to laugh and taunt me. Suddenly Tommy stood up and said; 'Stop it, all of you. Because of his dreams this boys has a long, hard and rocky road ahead of him. We all had dreams like his once, too. We've lost them traded them away for trash, or even betrayed them. So leave him alone. Be glad he's got his dreams. maybe someday, if he's lucky and brave, something will come of it. Something good for all of us."

Harry Hay - who would have been 100 today - recalls a party circa 1935.
Quoted in The Trouble With Harry Hay: Founder of the Modern Gay Movement by Stuart Timmons.
A communist, dreamer, utopian, activist, organiser, lover, teacher, troublemaker, peacemaker, sissy, Androgyne, Mattachine, homophile, Lifelong Friend of the People, third sex, Two-Eyed One, berdache, gender outlaw, radical faerie, elder, spirit, anti-assimilationist, queer pioneer, gay brother, and hero.
I love Harry Hay so much.
Dream on.

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  1. And born in Worthing, Gawd bless him.