Saturday, 28 April 2012

Short Letter Of The Week: The Guardian

In your gay issue were seven adverts that between them showed 10 couples. Not one was same-sex.

Barrie Wyse
Beverley, East Yorkshire

Letter to The Guardian Weekend magazine.
More comments on the issue here.

A good point well made.
But the flipside to this is how the more moronic sections of the gay media explode with excitement and wet their branded knickers just because a mainstream company has made a gay-themed ad.
Well, whoop-dee-fucking-doo - hold the virtual front page!!!
This week it was the turn of Ray-Ban.
Though maybe these manufacturers of ridiculously over-priced sunglasses just put out a press release saying they were running it as a campaign and milked the free publicity - it's hard to tell.
Here's a gay moron from Gay Star News writing about it - or maybe he's just obediently regurgitated the press release as per?
It's hard to sell tell.

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