Friday, 13 April 2012

Letter Of The Week: Y Viva España

When I read stories like "Gay marriage: the fight is on" I am reminded how grateful I am to live in Spain. I am English and married my partner, who is Welsh, five years ago in a state registry office in Sitges, near Barcelona.
When the Spanish government, then Socialist, was introducing same-sex marriage legislation, the Catholic Church in Madrid was outraged and protested strongly. Fortunately the then president told the bishops that the government ruled Spain and not the Church, and they had no right to try to force their views on everybody else.
I wonder if those amateurs in the UK Government will have the courage to do the same?

Derrick Smith
Barcelona, Spain

There are three letters about gay marriage in today's Independent - including a bigot for "balance", natch - but I rather liked this one. 
And I quite like the idea of David Cameron telling the Church to fuck right off out of it cause he's running this gaff now.

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