Friday, 6 April 2012

Lynne Featherstone: Crucified

As it's Easter, The Daily Mail decides to wibble on once more about "attempts to ban the wearing of crosses and crucifixes" at work.
As it's Easter, the Mail also clears some space so Quentin Letts can try and crucify Lynne Featherstone, the Lib Dem Equalities Minister.
The whole thing hinges on "her handling of the gay weddings controversy", with a not so subtle subtext.
Never mind the policy, here's the sexism...

"Though aged 60 (and counting), she teeters up to the Despatch Box in high heels, grinning girlishly at the Opposition benches before hesitantly lisping a few opening apologies for losing her place or some such calamity. Think of Ulrika Jonsson corpsing during one of her weather forecasts in the Eighties.
"Quite often Mrs Featherstone giggles, says she did not quite catch the drift of the question or pushes her long fringe out of her smouldering eyes and gives a hapless shrug of her shoulders.
"She invariably pulls at the bottom of her skimpy designer top, the better to accentuate her slinky torso. Shades of a Wonderbra advert — from the Minister for Women!"

Wouldn't it be easier just to come out and call her a "silly old cow"?
Letts proclaims; "Mrs Featherstone is in an intellectual muddle, though she does not seem to know it. Well, there’s a surprise! On gay marriage, the divorced mother of two presents herself as the champion of tolerance. Yet on the wearing of crosses, she is completely the opposite — so intolerant that she is using Government lawyers to fight her corner."
"Even her colleagues in the Liberal Democrat party call her ‘Lynne Featherbrain’," Letts claims.
"She has another nickname, ‘Dorian’, because she is so similar to the ageing vamp of that name (played by Lesley Joseph) in the TV sitcom Birds Of A Feather."
"She has been a lifelong fighter of the flab... inveighed against Page 3 girls and all that sort of jazz... said she ‘wouldn’t really have a problem’ with women having cosmetic surgery to give their sagging breasts..."
Oh, and lest we forget, Letts reminds us that "Dorian" is "of Jewish stock."
"But with tame Christians being tormented by the Government machine, there surely comes a time when the Featherstone joke has gone far enough."
A shockingly shameful exercise in misogyny, even by the Mail's gutter-low standards.
Drop dead, Quentin.

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