Thursday, 19 April 2012

Matthew Mitcham: The Colour Of His Hair

"I certainly don't see [being gay] as a burden, I never did, especially with how much attention the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered] cause has been getting lately with marriage equality … and with how few openly gay sports stars there are around at the moment. ''I don't mind attention being put on it.
''Ideally I would like one day for sexuality to be as unimportant and uninteresting as hair colour, or eye colour or even just gender in general. One day it will get to that.
''But until it is easy for sports people to come out without fear of persecution or fear of lost sponsorship income and stuff like that, or fear of being comfortable in the team environment, I don't mind attention being brought to my sexuality in the hope that it might make other people feel more comfortable … in being comfortable enough about who they are in their sporting environment.''

Matthew Mitcham interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald
I wonder if any other divers in this year's Olympics is gay?
Can't think of one.


  1. Who cares about closeted gay media whores in the Olympics.
    Mitcham is the one to follow and root for, of course.
    Fuck nationalistic pride.
    Gay pride comes first.
    And I am quite literally behind Matthew Mitcham!!!
    (he's GORGEOUS too!!!)

  2. She says she hates you cause you have a stinky bum. :(