Sunday, 8 April 2012

Morrissey: Knowing Me Knowing You A-ha!

Apropos of nothing...

'Morten is asked about fandom, and is also asked what he thinks about other musicians who’re inspired by his voice and a-ha.

Other famous artists are also known fans (of a-ha), Morrissey from the influential band The Smiths introduced himself as “Morten” at the Quart festival in 2004 (Kristiansand, Norway), after he’d entered the stage singing his own version of “The Sun Always Shines On TV”?

"I’ve met him, he almost had an erection around me! We met up in New Orleans some time in the eighties."

Did you speak with the whole band, or just him?

"It’s him I remember. He thought it was a bit difficult I think, the whole thing. He said something… I thought he was decidedly on the gay side."

He’s never confirmed that he is?

"Well, then I don’t know. Then you can only speculate."

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Translated from the Norwegian newspaper VG (Verdens Gang).
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Tee hee-hee. 


  1. Fact - that Morrissey IS gay and made a whole career out of his 'questionable sexuality' or lack of it...and ereksjonsutfordringer would make a great name for a musician... :-)

    1. Morrissey is deffo NOT gay.
      He just pursues handsome men who give him troubling erections.

  2. He deffo IS gay .... :-)

  3. I wonder if the autobiography - apparently out in December this year - will say anything new on the topic of his bumulatory position.
    I doubt it.

  4. ^ I imagine there'll be lots of sentimental "We woz poor but we woz 'appy" stuff about him growing up in the 60s, then how he invented Punk in the 70s,. then a rollicking rollercoaster ride through The Smiths career, then he'll spend the rest of the book explaining in minute detail why everyone he's ever worked with is a TREACHEROUS CUNT.
    So no bumming, no.