Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mr Gay World: Mr Nobody

Regular viewers will be familiar with my grouch about The Independent's piss-poor coverage of gay news.
It's sparse and seems completely random, usually looking like they've just called in a wire story to fill a gap on a page. 
It's a shame as in the 90s, they were doing far more gay stuff than The Guardian - The Independent even hired gay journalist, Neil McKenna, specifically to file gay news stories.
Today they have a story - lifted from the Press Association - about something called "Mr Gay World".
No, me neither.
The Guardian - who should know better than running such tripe - are also flexing their liberal biceps by publishing a full story and pic.
Mr Gay World is a silly, little commercial event, an international irrelevancy that deserves as much attention as if I'd started the Fagburn Prize For Literature.
Of all the things happening to gay men round the globe why on earth does this cavalcade of nonsense warrant any coverage?
Here is the news, dudes: No gay man in the entire world gives a flying fuck about this.