Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Neighbours: Kiss Me Quick

'Never have the lyrics - 'Everybody needs good neighbours, with a little understanding' - of the infamous Neighbours theme tune rang so true.
'For Chris Pappas, played by James Mason, and on-screen boyfriend Aidan Foster (Bob Morley), will need some open-mindedness from their friends after sharing the first ever gay kiss on the soap.
'The long-running Australian drama has finally featured its debut same-sex kiss - the first in 27 years...'
'While the topical subject should be commended by writers penning the script, it seems producers weren't quite bold enough to allow the action to occur close-up and instead opted for a long shot.
'But executive producer Susan Bower insists bosses were keen not to scandalise the kiss, saying: 'It’s not sensationalist or token - we are very proud of the way we have done this.'

The Daily Mail.
An unsensationalist and undisgusted piece from the Mail - though I get the feeling they'd've been a bit more excited if it was two good-looking young women "locking lips".
The thing is it's so quick and done in the background, one wonders if anyone would have noticed it if the tabloids hadn't pointed it out.
The Sun was similarly unphased, concluding; "Let’s hope viewers will be more happy to see Chris and Aidan love thy Neighbour."

There's some great readers' comments on the Mail Online, as per:

"Why have they got to spoil a good show with AGENDAS. Sometimes you just want to be entertained and enjoy what you are watching with your family. If people want gay kisses, turn over to Hollyoaks." Lee, London England.

"Sick! End of." Mark, UK.

"Not really bothered one way or the other but oh dear yet another two really good looking guys have turned to the other side....... What are we girls going to do now there's not much TOP TOTIE to choose from? Can't you make you them short, fat and bald like all the rest of the men out there... That way at least I wouldn't get envious." Mum, Cheshire.

"Neighbours is about to lose a regular viewer. Depravity is not entertaining." Annie, Daventry, England.

"I'm outraged. You would think gay people existed in real life or something. PC gone mad. Off my screen now. I don't understand it therefore it must be wrong. blah. blah. blah. (just getting it all out the way)." Dan, Manchester.

And Fagburn's favourite comment on this hoopla;

"Wasn't aware of the fact that they use those large red plastic cups in Australia, I would typically associate that with the US." Annie.

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