Thursday, 12 April 2012

Queercore: Blah Blah Blah!

There's an oral history of Homocore/Queercore by Adam Rache just gone up on the Out website.
Though it covers five virtual pages, it still seems like a bit of a sprint through things, but he does talk to most of the key figures; Bruce LaBruce, Vaginal Creme Davis, Larry-Bob Roberts, Donna Dresch, Lynn Breedlove, Jon Ginoli, Matt Wobensmith...
It's a history that still needs to be written - the Wikipedia entry is a fucking joke.
I always thought Liz Naylor summed Queercore up best when she said it wasn't a movement, it was a moment.
Or, as Bruce LaBruce puts it here; "We borrowed from The Situationists quite heavily - this idea of creating a spectacle and propping it up in the media, even though it was fiction."
Interesting that Queercore gets glowing retrospectives like this 20 years after - at the time only two journalists wrote much about it outside of zines, Adam Block and that Richard Smith bloke. 
And lest we forget, it was also a tiny scene - I guess the biggest Queercore gathering in the UK was Pansy Division's gig at the Highbury Garage, and I don't think there were 100 people there.
So it goes.
But anyway...
If you want to go in deeper, you can hear interviews with Pansy Division's Jon Ginoli and Fifth Column's GB Jones on the Queer Music Heritage website.
There's also galleries, zine shots and a load of songs to listen to.

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