Friday, 20 April 2012

Theresa May: Oh, Give Us Money

'Speaking at the Stonewall Workplace Conference in London today, the Home Secretray Theresa May said businesses could not afford to ignore the £70 billion-strong lesbian, gay and bisexual market, as she set out the 'business case for equality'. Ms May said the government would continue to strive for equality, saying top employers 'know that a company whose workforce better reflects their customers is better able to understand what their customers want and need - and that means greater sales and profits'.

Christ, is anyone dumb enough to believe this £70 billion claim?
This comes from what?
Saying 10% of people are gay - basically you could halve this, at least - and it's nonsensical to say that all their income is disposable.
And what kind of an immoral agent does something, not because they think it's right, but because they think they can make a profit?
"We still don't like you, but give us your money, gayboy."
Tory thinking in a nutbag.

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