Sunday, 8 April 2012

Thought For The Day: Father Bernard Lynch

"I can go into confession and say I have been in every sauna and bath-house and sex club in London 10 times a week and I can get absolved from my sins, but if I go in and say, 'I have been in love with a man for 19 years, married for 14,' there's no absolution. That's the sickness in my Church."

Father Bernard Lynch interviewed by the Independent On Sunday.
"He claims that half of all Catholic priests are gay – and has himself been married to his husband for 14 years. He believes celibacy is to blame for many of the Church's problems – and that the Vatican must take responsibility for the paedophilia in its midst. Is it any wonder so many people want rid of Father Bernard Lynch?"
That's the funny thing about religion - good men tend to get crucified. 


  1. "He believes celibacy is to blame for many of the Church's problems..."

    The problem is none of them are celibate and never have been. For them I think celibacy only means straight priests cannot marry.

    1. I thinking blaming celibacy is - ever so slightly - arse over tit.
      But that's the Catholic church for you...