Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Vinyl Closet: You Spin Me Round

"So let's get this straight (forgive me): even in the world of entertainment – a traditional haven for outsiders searching for acceptance and self expression – the lesbian is shunned? Even in the kingdom of Elton and Rufus and George, the lesbian is pressured to don the mask of bisexuality, so as not to exclude men totally or appear alienating?"

Barbara Ellen in The Observer on claims Jessie J is a lesbian but was told to say she was bisexual by her record company.
I love Miss Babs but this is an odd argument.
Elton John "came out" as bisexual - which he wasn't - in 1976, and got married in 1984.
George Michael was in the closet til he was caught in a cottage.
This is hardly ancient history.
Does anyone really believe there are no male music stars still trapped in the Vinyl Closet, never mind "entertainers"?
I'm happy to secretly give you a list, but it's pretty long...
And who says Jessie J is lying when she says she's bisexual?

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  1. Not her anyway. She's written to her chums...bla,bla,bla,