Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Advice: So You've Been Queerbashed...

What's the first thing you do?

1. Go to hospital?

2. Report it to the police?

3. Take a photo of yourself and post it online?

4. Send out a press release (please enclose photo).

Picture posed by Bruce Weber model.

Any similarity between this blogpost and anyone's recent display of vanity is entirely coincidental.
Gay men get beaten up every day - welcome to the real world.
Yes, it's hell.
We know that.
Ours often go unmarked, unrecorded, and we're left to cry and scream alone - but this one matters because it's the wonderful and important YOU!
As ever: The First Rule Of Fagburn; Run. From. The. Vain!


  1. Who are you talking about?

  2. Xtra points on X factor

  3. ^ That would only feed their vanity.

    1. ^ I wouldn't want to feed their vanity, whoever they are.

    2. Might do a top 10 soon.
      Usual rates for including them in a made-up meeja poll, natch...

  4. Apparently it's okay to queerbash vain gays, then. No blaming the victim here. Noooo.

    And that oh-so-humble, media-shy variety of victim hood which gets Fagburn's seal of approval has really worked out for us thus far hasn't it.

    As insightful as ever, Fagburn. Thank you.