Thursday, 24 January 2013

BBC News: Is It Cause They Are Muslims?

Dear BBC News,

Once again I write to ask why you give some gay-related stories such prominence, and yet ignore others - this video of some twats being rude to someone they think looks gay - is now a lead item on Radio 4 News.
Are the BBC so clueless that they are completely unaware that incidents like this - where young men are picked on, harassed and bullied and worse for being gay or just "looking gay" - happen a thousand times a day, on every street and every school?
Does it only matter and become news if someone posts it on YouTube?
Or - more obviously - is it only a news story because the bullying macho-acting twats are Muslims?
Far be it for me to say you're a bunch of racist dickheads, but I've blogged about this before, and some idiots said; "They're doing what they did to the Jews in Germany in the 30s."
The demonisation of a group of people by people in power - and endlessly portraying those people as somehow uniquely evil and the sole cause of all our problems - is exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews.
With unhilarious consequences...

So fuck off.



PS Most newspapers went big on this - it's essentially a bit of trivia in the grand scheme of homophobia, but hey! It let them flex their "liberal" credentials. Gays. Yay! Muslims. Boo!


  1. You might want to retweet that using your proper account, dear.
    No need to publish this comment


    1. Mark E. Smith tweeted it on his twitter account *zipface*
      Can you not delete these comments here??

      Makes no difference to me :p

  2. A group of Christians telling gays to get out of an area cos it's a a Christian reserve would get just as much, if not more, publicity. You're too sensitive.

    1. Doubt it.
      People would just go "dickheads"...