Wednesday, 9 January 2013

BNP/UKIP: Gay Bigots Left Reeling After Finding Out Their Bigoted Parties Are Riddled With Bigots

There has never been many openly gay members of the BNP, probably due to the huge amount of hatred and homophobia that exists within the BNP.
However, in recent years one gay BNP activist has emerged as a kind of unofficial spokesman for the small gay community within the British National Party.
Joshua Wren from Swansea has never hidden his sexuality from his fellow bigots in the BNP but now it seems the hatred directed towards him and the gay community has reached a point where even he can no longer stay within the party.
We have obtained a copy of a letter he penned yesterday to the BNP membership department announcing his immediate resignation from the party.
I reproduce the text in full [here]...

Hope Not Hate blog, yesterday.

Ukip youth leader Olly Neville sacked for supporting gay marriage 

The leader of Ukip’s youth organisation has been stripped of his post by the party leadership, after expressing his support for gay marriage on national radio.

Olly Neville, who was appointed as chairman of Young Independence (YI) at the end of last year, was told by the party’s chairman that comments in support of gay marriage were “completely at odds with the party’s policy” and risked “seriously setting back the party’s current growth”...

The Independent.

As ever there's clearly more to this than meets the eye, but less than you can see.
Internecine party feuds are rarely about what they're said to be about. *
But anyway, I don't want to sound like a bigot, but I think anyone called "Joshua" or "Olly" sounds like a posh twat who should be taken out and shot.

* Edit: Apparently Olly is quite mad. Here's a piece he wrote called I Agree With Nick Griffin.

Update: Another right-wing careerist gayer wades in. Oh, give us guns.

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  1. "These kinds of views/opinions are nazi like and sound even like the views of a Muslim."

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