Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Bradley Manning: Days

After more than two weeks of intense litigation by Bradley Manning’s defense, and hearing how Quantico brig staff blatantly disregarded Navy Rules, military Judge Denise Lind has confirmed that Bradley was punished unlawfully before trial by awarding 112 days credit...
Judge Lind has granted credit for the 7 days Bradley was kept on suicide risk watch against Navy Rules, 75 days from November 1 to January 18 when he was kept needlessly on Prevention of Injury watch, and 20 days from April 1-20 when he was forced to remove his underwear at night. Lind said Bradley’s confinement was “more rigorous than necessary,” and that it “became excessive in relation to legitimate government interests.”

Bradley Manning Support Network.  

Bradley Manning has been imprisoned without trial since May 29th 2010 - 956 days.
His actual trial/court martial has been put back again, and now won't start until June 3rd at the earliest - that's over 150 days from now.
And it'll be over three years he's been in solitary. 
What's 112 days off Life again?

PS Hegemony and Sodomist Strategy: Gay Inc. against Bradley Manning, Andrew Fogle, Jacobin.

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