Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Coming Out: Now Officially "A Thing"

There are basically two possible reactions to a celebrity coming out.
If it's someone like Jodie Foster, everyone goes; "Who knew?!!"
If it's someone like Victor Garber, the world goes; "Who?"

PS He voiced a rhino in Kung Fu Panda 2, by the way.
That's him, left, with the good lady wife, Rainer Andreesen, above.
He was outed via an edit on his Wikipedia page.
Possibly a first. 


  1. you're gay and dont know who Victor Garber is or his huge list of credits...Who'd have guessed? And Jodie Foster, even Helen Keller would have known jodie is a lesbian. Who couldn't have guessed long ago?

    1. I had to look him up.
      He regularly gets cast in deleted scenes, it seems.

  2. I'd heard of Garber and was well aware of his work (and the fact he was gay).
    Not sure your angle on this makes much sense, to be honest.
    If the fact that relatively few people have heard of Garber means his sexuality is unimportant then, given far fewer people know you or care about your opinions, surely your opinion of his "coming out" is of even less importance.
    Kind of ironic, really.
    You'd have been better off pointing out that neither Jodie Foster or Victor Garber have come out, because they both came out before (Garber mentioned living with Andreesen in an interview with a Canadian magazine ages ago).
    Just sayin...

  3. This is why it's impossible to like you, fagburn.Though Christ knows I've tried. Parading your ignorance and cultural myopia as a badge of honour and assuming to speak for us all.

    You're bitter cunt ...but (mostly) without the necessary wit to make that work.

    1. That's lovely, thank you.


    2. FWIW I think this is one of the best sites on the web and one of the funniest (and most informative).
      I just really like and admire Victor Garber, so dislike your angle in this instance. :p

  4. Well Rich, at least you publish both positive and negative comments about your writings so credit for that.

    But even a little bit of research would have shown Garber's credentials - unless you decided to discount them.

    Bitter, yes, defo; a cunt, well the jury's out on that but I do stop by your blog several times a day. I like your style of cooking even if some bits get stuck in my teeth sometimes.

  5. I'm not sure if the fault behind what shall henceforth be known in Fagburn history as "Garbergate" lies in a lack of research as such. Garber's a character actor and though he's been in tonnes of very famous and successful shows (the biggest things I've seen him in are Titanic and Alias, which I loved when it was first broadcast) he's still someone whose name most people won't know (I bet most people will recognise his face though).
    Fagburn's right in that sense.
    I just don't agree that it's an issue. He was already out, anyway. As far as I can recall, his friendship with Bradley Cooper was often offered as proof that Cooper is gay on blind item sites. Most people who know who he is seemed to know years ago...