Monday, 14 January 2013

Cristina Odone: PS I Am Mad

Well, it's nice to keep things in perspective, isn't it?
Cristina Odone, there - former editor of The Catholic Loon, writing in her Telegraph column, on The Gay Marriage, which she hates.
She does this almost weekly - if I was her editor, I'd ask her to write about something else for a change, lest the readers die of boredom.
She tries to support her argument by quoting some book by some gayer that - literally - no-one has ever read.
Not even right-wing Christians like her, who keep quoting it out of context.
Regular viewers may know I've recently come to the conclusion that people like this are so knee-deep in looneyville, it's not even worth trying to enter into rational debate.
Be a bit silly anyway, as they say they believe in a God in the clouds and that a man walked on water, and are thus - literally- incapable of rational thought.
Banana-fana fo-fistina etc etc.

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