Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fagburn: Here Is The Gay Non-News

Dong! There's not much happening in Gayland to be honest. I won't keep you, so here's today's non-news in brief. 

Dong! Lots of people over 40 are getting overexcited about David Bowie releasing a surprise new single, Where Are We Now?, on his 66th birthday. It's not that good, really, but hurrah for nostalgia and that. Rumours of a surprise Gary Glitter comeback tomorrow unconfirmed.

Dong! Far more importantly it's Elvis's birthday today, which we always celebrate at Fagburn Mansions. Here's a Spotify playlist of some of my favourite Elvis songs I made a while ago. It's rimming ace.

Dong! Coalition 4 Marriage have released another ComRes poll on gay marriage. Telegraph dutifully salivates. Here's why, once again, it's really dodgy and goes against all the other research on this. And here's why ComRes/C4M polls can't be trusted. Not sure if this predictable anti-gay tripe even warrants comment anymore, but y'know...

Dong! Things are so desperate that another minor US celebrity no-one in the UK has heard of has come out is "newsworthy". Gay Idiot News dutifully salivates. More from Gay Star News: "Another Christian homophobe has said something stupid and homophobic today, almost certainly. GSN are so politically braindead, things like this are all that we get angry about. Plus more of the usual advertorial, press releases, days-old "news", general cringe-making naffness, and power-serving, Orientalist, hegemonic badly-written junk. Yay!"

Dong!: Even Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail couldn't raise my righteous ire today. "After getting their cassocks in a twist over female bishops, the Church of England has given the thumbs up to gay bishops — but only if they agree to remain celibate. I don’t want to sound difficult but, apart from God, how will anyone be able to check?" True, obviously. Note to the Church of England hierarchy, even Richard Littlejohn thinks all this is quite laughable.

Dong! A thick gay posh twat has been left - quite literally - stunned after finding out the BNP is full of bigots.  

Dong! Liked this piece, Columnism, by Ulrike Meinhof on how newspapers' "radical" columnists "function as a pressure release valve..." Much more to be said on the vanity and cliqueyness of "star columnists", and how this is antithetical to claims of being of the left, which I hope to wibble on about some day. (Thanks to Pierce Penniless x).

Dong! Why don't you just switch off your computer and go and do something less boring instead?


  1. Dong! And here's some non-news about Tom Daley


  2. Haterz gonna hate!

    PS I did the 'Tom Daley Quiz' on that.
    It was actually a jigsaw, but - you know - I still won.