Friday, 11 January 2013

Fagburn: On Journalism As Vanity

I feel I should say something about the recent Julie Bindel and Suzanne Moore hoohas, as they've become quite "a thing".
But I'm not sure I can be arsed.
Why add to the pyre of ire they so clearly desire?
I can't even be bothered to add links, so Google it.
And why argue the toss with intellectual idiots?
You'll be familiar with that old cliche/truism about how "power corrupts..."
It's so banal you probably heard it in primary school.
But it's a classic example of ideological arse-over-titness.
It's far more often the case that the corrupt seek power.
As we see here - and there and everywhere.
The worst kind of journalists are the ones who clearly get off on seeing their names in print.
Or worse, their stupid photo.
Egomaniacs wanting nothing but self-advancement.
No noble aims, just a quest for fame.
When not being obediently banal and stating the bleeding obvious, controversy is their currency.
Are you surprised these professional sociopaths' writing shows such contempt for other people?
That they act like such bullies, then go batshit if anyone dares point out they're just bullshit generators?
Getting their mates to back them up, school playground style.
Did you really expect them to be moral agents?
They can claim to be a radical or on the left all they want, but it's laughable when so much that they write are just flatulent expressions of right-wing hegemony.
This is what Ulrike Meinhof called "Columnism".
"A herd of independent minds" feigning dissent while conforming to the new spirit of the age; "Forget all but self".
Moral: Always, always run from the vain.

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