Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fagburn: Today's Newspaper Round-Up

Elton John's had another baby - yes, deffo this time Some blurry mobile phone photos of a building site in Vauxhall Even more stuff about Burchillgate; "Gor blimey love, can't you take a joke?" etc Loads of crap gags about horse meat burgers we nicked off Twitter Plus: Are Gays to blame? >>> Editorial: Bomb Mali? Fuck yeah! Jordan's got married to that gaybe bloke she met last week - what could possibly go wrong? Baffling cartoon about Cameron's EU speech Daily Mail readers sent mental by "gay planet" on Star Wars game; "Not exactly the same as here they mix and mingle among us. Idiotic for games to jump on the bandwagon but makes sense in the deconditioning phase." etc etc Readers share their memories of Blockbuster Video/HMV/Jessops/Universal child benefit Isn't it cold? More when we make it up...

PS Going to Dee's funeral, might see you later. x

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