Friday, 25 January 2013

Gay Marriage: I Want More

In the same way that sexism did not die after women secured the right to vote in 1920, and racism persisted after schools were desegregated in 1954, homophobia, which is the real problem I am interested in eradicating, will not end once I gain the right to legally marry a partner of the same sex. Like pulling up a weed from the flower, token victories, though undoubtedly important, can cloud our vision and prevent us from continuing to fight against the root of social systems that make such victories necessary in the first place...

I don't desire to sit upon the stool of marriage because it will make people choosing to live the homophobic lifestyle more comfortable with me. I do not want to be socially celebrated because I am able to fit myself into a historically heterosexual, morally acceptable category. I want to be afforded a place at the sociopolitical table because I, as a human being -- marital status and sexual orientation aside -- deserve that respect. I want LGBTQ people to be recognized as morally equal agents in this world, and not because we suddenly look straighter. Though marriage equality undoubtedly moves us closer to a world free of legalized homophobic discrimination, we must remember that it is exactly that: a step, not a solution. LGBTQ people deserve to be the authors of their unique futures, ones that may coincidentally look similar to the lives of their straight counterparts but that aren't required to do so in order to be legitimate. 

Marriage equality must be one of our goals, but it cannot be our end.

Todd Clayton on Huffpost Gay Voices.
Claiming you're against gay marriage full-stop and saying it's somehow a radical position is just a/political posturing and feigning dissent. 
But we should be thinking beyond marriage
Wish HGV would publish more stuff like this.
They do seem to prefer the cliched, sentimental, tokenistic and politically banal.
More typical recent story; What Would Jesus Say About Being Gay?
Who cares?

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