Sunday, 13 January 2013

Julie Burchill: And The Illiberal Liberal Media Elite

Julie Burchill's probably sprawled out on her Hove sofa cackling into her sixth glass of champagne right now.
In today's Observer she writes a now thankfully all-too rare article.
It starts with the offensive headline, Transsexuals Should Cut It Out - Gosh Julie, you're so provocative! - then rapidly proceeds to descend downhill.
I'm not sure what there is to say about Burchill's predictable wading in to defend her journalism-as-showbusiness chums, Julie Bindel and Suzanne Moore.
Apart from how La Burchill doesn't leap into print to defend much of late; bar Israeli Zioinism.
I said what I think about "this sort of thing" on Friday here - On Journalism As Vanity.
Now just add "and Julie Burchill".
(Odd how Bindel keeps complaining about some "trans cabal" out to get her, but watch how these three media manger-hoggers have closed ranks now).

I've made the point endlessly that people who are trans now occupy the same place in the media as gay men did in the 80s; they're usually only allowed to be presented as figures of fun or fear, and you can get away with saying whatever the diddlybum you want about them.
And heaven forfend if any of their pesky trouble-makers dare talk back!
One can only hope this week will be a "Stephen Gately/Jan Moir" moment and the media might take note of the offence they keep causing, and how readers don't find this as "amusing" as their writers do. 
For star journalists like these, controversy is their currency - they get off on our outrage.
They must be loving this hooha.
Maybe tis best to ignore them, then?
Should we be surprised that The Guardian/Observer have published this reactionary, bigoted, juvenile junk?
There's no such thing as bad publicity, as the old cliche goes, and just look at all the traffic this has brought to their website!
This is the economy of the mass media. 
Welcome to the new hegemony of the illiberal liberal media elite.


  1. New word of the day - Trollumnist.

  2. What a nasty piece of work from a once left-wing journalist that got a taste of the Blair good-life and decided to hang around there.

    I've always believed that exposure in journalism is more down to good luck than judgement. There are many good journalists beavering away in solitude without the support of a 'big organ' - you are a case in point Rich (if only you'd drop the triple Ds of Daley, Despair and De Marriage).

    Burchill has passed her 'sell-by' date and unlike her beloved champagne, she doesn't improve at all with age.

    The transexuals argument makes me support even more affirmative action as I get older. Burchill's abusive words will only add oil to the fire and she knows this and she should be ashamed, mightily ashamed.

    She came from a deprived minority background and I can only put down her lack of empathy and memory here to the addled effects of years of bolly and bollocks.

  3. I don't understand transsexuals. We have Pride, which is about being proud to be who we are. Transsexuals aren't proud to be who they are, they want to be different. How does it make any sense?

    1. Lots to think about there, shame you didn't bother.


  4. Book plug. Second sentence. Awful woman.