Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Luke Campbell: The Naked Truth

GT's latest Naked issue has got quite a bit of coverage.
Here's a commuter-waking page from the Evening Standard asking; 'Why sportsmen are happy to pose for gay magazines'.
A question it doesn't really answer.
Though it does constantly remind us these sportsmen are "straight" - the word is used nine times. 
In a short photocaption in The Sun, they still thought it necessary to tell us Luke Campbell is a "dad-of-two engaged to model Lynsey Kraanen."

PS Go easy on the slap next time Luke, you look like a painted tart.


  1. He should have won BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Yes, others won gold at the Olympics but he was the only one who did it whilst being repeatedly punched in the face.

    In answer to the Standard's question, it's because they know they're fit as fuck and can get paid well for it.

    1. They don't get paid - but, yes, it's good for promoting brand awareness.