Monday, 21 January 2013

Michael Winner: 1935-2013

If you've been on Twitter today you'll probably have been sent this many, many times, but it's worth repeating.
Here's Michael Winner on the tragically short-lived Richard Littlejohn Live & Uncut in 1994.

"Well, I'm quite appalled - and very nearly walked out - to be on a British television programme where lesbians are wheeled in for you to make smutty and offensive remarks to. It is an absolutely shameful exhibition of vulgarity directed toward a minority. I think the lesbians have come over with considerable dignity and you've come over as an arsehole."

Well said, dear.
And there I was thinking Michael Winner was a total arsehole.
You live, you learn...


  1. Good on you, Michael! Anyone who puts Littlejohn in his place is to be applauded.

  2. Or was Winner an 'early adopter' of the newly emerging elite morality we have today, which basically goes 'We're the enlightened, tolerant, urbane, immigrant-loving, gay marriage-supporting, recycling, cosmopolitan types and you dirty unwashed NOTW-reading, child-abusing council estate oiks, represented by Littlejohn, are nothing but a bunch of gaybashing, minority-hating scumbags. By the way, did we say we support Gay Marriage?

    Or maybe he was really just a nice guy, in which case I'll go away.