Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Morrissey: "I Nearly Voted For Ukip"

"I nearly voted for Ukip. I like Nigel Farage a great deal.
"His views are quite logical – especially where Europe is concerned, although it was plain daft of him to applaud the lavish expense of the royal wedding at a time when working-class England were told to cut-back, shut-up and get stuffed."

Morrissey, Loaded interview.

Is anyone surprised by this?
He was also a bit rude about Posh and Becks.
Wow, she's just so edgy these days!
Haven't seen a copy yet, but I guess he's rude about the Royal Family, too.
"Bloody foreigners, come over here, eating our foxes." etc.

PS It's spread over ten pages, with curiously some very old photos - I'll post a link to scans when I find them...


  1. the cover is depressing enough.

    1. I literally don't have a clue who those other two "legends" are.
      But that is one hot babe!!!

  2. I wonder which party Morrissey did vote for? Hmm...