Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Owen Jones: A Government Of Millionaires Just Made The Poor Poorer - And Laughed As They Did It

They cheered, they guffawed, they mocked. Picture the scene, and don't forget it as the next two and a half years of Cameron's Britain drag on: a smug pack of over-paid Tory MPs – some worth millions – sniggering as they prepared to slash the incomes of Britain's already struggling poor. Labour's Lisa Nandy and Ian Mearns pleaded with them in the Chamber, vainly, to stop laughing. Not since 1931 has a Government attempted to deliberately, consciously reduce the incomes of the poor. Oh, the hilarity...

Owen Jones on good form in The Independent. 

PS "Owen Jones boyfriend" has started turning up in Fagburn's top keyword searches. I'm not sure why...

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