Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pink News: Send 'Em Back!

If this “gang” want a bunch of EDL thugs turning up harrassing their parents and beating the crap out of them they’re going the right way about it. Muslim area? Not in the UK. They can jog on back home if they think that ANY part of the UK is a Muslim area. Get  them out of the country to some primitive, Islamic state such as Saudi Arabia or Iran. This is a country of supposed tolerance and this intolerance is unacceptable and needs to be stamped out. I wish these morons would go back to whatever hell hole they came from. They do not believe in Western civilized values and are intolerant of anyone who does not believe as they do. Thugs need to be put in jail and sent back to the desert. These anti gay groups who carry out hate crimes, need to be deported back to their own country. This is no place for anti gay attacks and if they cant respect progressive values and human rights then they should go home! Deport the filth at once. I’m afraid we are going to get more of this sort of behaviour from religious nutters what with the influx of more muslim extremists and catholics from Eastern Europe. I don’t want to sound like a UKIP troll but I am now fully convinved that masses of people who come from countries in which breaking 7th century laws (or advocating for their change) makes you and your life worthless (and often lands you in very hot water) is not the best idea if you want to keep Britain a liberal, secular place. This was happening in east london 10 years ago when I lived there. I moved out of east london because of muslims. Re the EDL, you have it wrong. They are not “thugs.” They have their own LGBT division.
https://www.facebook.com/EDL.LGBT.Division You should all join and help them protect you and everyone else.

Pink News Readers' Comments - posted after a news story about a video posted on YouTube which appears to show a group of young men in east London harassing a man for looking gay "in a Muslim area". 
It looks like it's real; two men have now been arrested in connection with this and another video. 
Some Muslims are homophobic, and some agressively so - I understand there are also some white Christians in this country who are also aggressively homophobic.
Some are stupid hate-filled bigots, but, as you can see from the above, so are some gay men.
And young men of all faiths and none, particularly when they're in groups, often act like bullying macho arseholes.
What's just as depressing is that the above comments read like they could have come from a BNP, EDL or Ukip message board - and that it's literally being used as part of an EDL recruitment campaign (I think some even worse ones have been deleted *).
Readers' comments aren't a reliable or representative guide to a website's readership or their beliefs - and whether on the Guardian or Daily Mail sites they tend to attract a disproportionate amount of scary nutters - but Pink News might want to think about if how it reports stories about Islam, Muslims and Arab and/or Muslim countries attracts people like this.

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  1. What about this report? Muslims in Britain have zero tolerance of homosexuality, says poll


    1. All surveys need to be treated with caution.

      A more recent poll indicates British Muslims are more pro-gay than any other faith community.
      Half agreed with the statement 'I am proud of how Britain treats gay people.'

      And the number for 'strongly agree' is twice as high as that for those of no religion.


    2. That's such a useless poll, though.
      The question and choices make it so vague that people saying they disagree could well be "pro-gay".
      Which makes the fact that more Muslims who were asked strongly agreed than any other faith group and more Muslims strongly disagreed than any other faith group a bit nebulous.

      Trying to find the original data and any detailed description of the polling process on the Demos website is drawing a blank.

      Still, it's a good contradiction to the worrying Gallup poll. If it is a contradiction.

    3. I did say ALL polls need to treated with caution - meaning including this.

      It's a strange question, but gives an interesting response to those who argue Muslims = homophobic.

      The survey was done by YouGov, so quite reputable, by polling standards.

    4. Ah, here it is (YouGov site).
      Thanks. I'll have a read after, as I find this stuff interesting.

    5. No, the results do not indicate British Muslims are more pro-gay than any other faith community. Check out the figures for yourself.

      As you say, though, all surveys need to be treated with caution.

    6. The detailed break-down on the YouGov site is fascinating and worth reading in full.
      The only religious groups where no one expressed strong disagreement with the proposition were Sikh and Jewish, but they were also amongst the smallest groups overall (only 16 people included were Jewish and 18 Sikh - compared to 616 CofE/Anglican).
      Such a small sample is frustrating as it doesn't really show much of anything.
      It's clearly some kind of counter to anyone arguing that all Muslims are homophobic, though...

  2. Well in the words of Professor Farnsworth, 'I don't want to live on this planet anymore...'

    And that was prior to reading the Facebook Page.

  3. That Facebook page is a cesspit.
    There's very little on the internet that's more overwhelmingly depressing than bigoted morons who don't seem to realise how irrational they're being...

  4. "This is a country of supposed tolerance and this intolerance is unacceptable and needs to be stamped out"

    – Eh?! What's wrong with this statement? Could it be your sanctimonious "Orientalism" sloganeering Is obscuring your moral relativism.

    "I’m afraid we are going to get more of this sort of behaviour from religious NUTTERS what with the influx of more muslim EXTREMISTS and catholics from Eastern Europe". [Emphasis mine.]

    – Surely this is a reasonable assumption to make based on probability; an overall increase in observant Muslims and Catholics will increase the net level of religious extremists opposed to homosexuality.

    As for the rest of the comments, yes, pretty despicable.

    1. I did try to work my usual sanctimonious 'Orientalism' sloganeering into the blogpost, but for once failed.
      Can you forgive me?


  5. I haven't watched the video btw. Depressed enough as it is...

  6. Can't find the source data for that gallup poll now.
    Why bother reporting on a poll in a national paper without providing a link to the base data?

    1. I found the data now through links on this Guardian piece.
      Like the YouGov poll, it's fascinating but just as flawed it seems...

  7. Whatever the subject Pink News readers sound like gay Daily Mail readers

  8. I can picture them now in their 1930's semi's with Ikea colour scheme and furniture. Taking English Breakfast past noon with a German shepherd by the po-mo gas fire; as they ridicule femes, complain about immigrants and the poor, while proclaiming the greatness of the 'new' Tories...

    I never knew S&M could be so tiresome.

  9. With a picture of the blessed Margaret over the hearth?

  10. Alongside George Carey and a couple of votive lamps...

  11. Do treat all polls with suspicion. I am approaching 64 years, of which the last 20 years have been lived in London, and have NEVER in all those years been asked to participate in any poll whatsoever!! And I do get out and about quite a bit. Where do they get these people?? I agree there is something depressing about the comments of Pink News website. One can PARTIALLY excuse it if the people expressing the opinions have been subjected to vile bigotry of some kind, but we should resist lowering ourselves to that level.

  12. Ii find it ironic that islamists hate homosexuals yet don't mind worshipping a paedophile