Sunday, 27 January 2013

Religious News: Christian Discrimination

Sack teachers who divorce or have gay partners
Archbishop of Westminster backs call to regulate home life of staff at Catholic schools

SENIOR teachers and governors at Catholic schools face the sack if they live with a partner without getting married or if they get divorced.
A new booklet, published by the bishops of England and Wales, says that teachers working in Catholic schools should also not marry divorcees or get married in register offices or in ceremonies which do not meet with the church’s approval.
Critics say that the diktat leaves teachers “uniquely vulnerable to religious discrimination” and that it breaches European equality laws.
The guidance, which has been approved by Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster and leader of the church in England and Wales, singles out unmarried people living in “non-chaste” relationships.
It says that senior teachers in “a partnership of intimacy with another person, outside a form of marriage approved by the church...can be removed from office.”
The standards would also apply to junior teachers who aspire to promotion and to people in gay relationships, a spokesman for the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales said.
“The expectation is that [school] leaders and those who aspire to leadership positions will make substantive life choices that are in conformity with the gospel and the teaching of the Catholic church,” said a spokesman... 

The Sunday Times. 
This is so wonderfully shameless in its sheer hypocrisy it's hilarious.
You may want to compare and contrast it to this story in Friday's Telegraph;

Government 'powerless to protect teachers from sack over gay marriage'
Michael Gove fears that the Government could be powerless to stop primary school teachers being sacked for refusing to teach gay marriage, it emerged last night. 

Regular viewers may not be particularly surprised to hear the source for this silly bit of scare-mongering is... Coalition For Marriage!

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