Saturday, 12 January 2013

Splash!: The Second Coming

To be fair, however, the atmosphere did seem pretty electric — thanks to a pool-side audience of hysterical Tom Daley fans. If Splash! is anything — and that’s something still very much up for debate — then it is the result of a meeting during the Olympics where someone at ITV1 went, “A lot of people fancy British bronze medallist Tom Daley, don’t they? He’s like Harry Styles, but wet. Can anyone think of a show format in less than a minute which will allow us to put him on prime-time, in clingy trunks?” 

Caitlin Moran in The Times. 
This was one of the kinder reviews.
Also note a rare non-gender-specific description of his fans and who fancies him.

PS Here's a highly selective selection of tweets showing what the great British public make of Tom and the show. "My mum thinks Tom Daley is gay, she can just fuck right of" etc etc.

PPS I heard a rumour that fans of the diving will enjoy the next issue of GT...

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