Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Sun: The Only Gay Teen In The Stock Photo Library

Terribly sad story in The Sun's Dear Deidre today.
That photo just exudes "troubled young gay", doesn't it?
But this poor lad - So brave! etc - has clearly had a whole load of problems down the years.

Here he is last August, when he was bisexual.
Think he could be working on his biceps there.
She likes that vest a lot, doesn't she?
Mind you, just two weeks earlier he was describing himself as gay - and was thus in the hand-on-hip default gayer standing position.
Out of the closet, but alas still trapped in that kitchen. 

And here's the little scamp in June 2009, back when he was a little bit younger and sexually confused.
Hey kid, it gets better!

Wish she'd make up her mind.

I think his problems may have begun in January 2008.
Little does our troubled youth know that five years later on he'll still be so consumed with teenage angst he won't have even started on that recipe.

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