Saturday, 12 January 2013

Thought For The Day: 1,000 Bishops Bashing

The natural complementarity between a man and a woman leads to marriage, seen as a lifelong partnership. This loving union – because of their physical complementarity – is open to bringing forth and nurturing children.
This is what marriage is. That is why marriage is only possible between a man and a woman. Marriage, and the home, children and family life it generates, is the foundation and basic building block of our society.
We urge Members of Parliament not to be afraid to reject this legislation now that its consequences are more clear. 

From a letter to the Daily Telegraph signed by 1,000 Catholic Priests.

Which prompts the obvious question; if you like straight marriage so much, why don't you have one?
I understand this means that over three-quarters of priests in England and Wales couldn't be arsed to sign it, and/or thought it was bigoted and bobbins.
They say they fear a return to Catholic persecution - meaning the persecution of Catholics, not the rather more familiar persecution by Catholics.
Whatever, let us hope so - I'll bring the firelighters.
I am trying to find out how many of the thousand are paedophiles, convicted or unconvicted.
Do any of the same names appear on the leaked BNP membership list?
Please drop me a line if you can help.
Will no-one rid me of these tiresome pricks? *

PS The government is due to publish its gay marriage bill at the end of this month.

* Legal notice/Note to stupid people: The stuff about wanting them burned at the stake is ironic.

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  1. The obvious response is if they feel marriage is only valid between straight couples for raising families, do they propose to ban marriage between straight couples who don't have any children and no intention to have any once they are married?
    Of course they won't because they don't really oppose it on those grounds.