Sunday, 20 January 2013

Tom Daley: Screaming

Various variations of this screengrab from last night's Splash! were pinged around the virtual world in the last 24 hours.
It's our Tom with Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo.
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
Ho ho ho.
I thought it was funny, but it's also rather sad.
And it's ultimately meaningless.
If you looked hard enough you could probably find photos of Fred Phelps that look like he's checking out some hot dude's bulge.
I know I've made jokes about Tom too many times myself, though like most people, I know nothing for sure, except he's clearly screaming.
I wonder if he even knows himself?

I do worry about Tom, now he's become a Saturday teatime TV superstar and is regularly exposing himself - meaning just by being himself - he'll just be the subject of ever more scrutiny and speculation - check Twitter for endless comments just on how he walks and talks.
Such is the power of social media this chatter will inevitably transfer into the papers.
This is the modern world; a virtual world where being in the closet is now virtually impossible.
And PR feeds and pap shots to the press about his possible "girlfriends" will ultimately only make it worse.
It's already seeping in, slow as sludge for now - nudge-nudge wink-wink ho ho ho etc.  
It's usually quite benign good ribbing, who do you think writes celeb mags and tabloid gossip pages? 
It's queens and their courts who think that being gay is almost boringly normal - and that now it's being in the closet that's a little queer. 
While meanwhile the poor boy could be dying inside, silently screaming. 
What a world.


  1. Oh fuck off, Fagburn.
    The Chris Mears "Naked Issue" GT post was enough hypocrisy for this month, surely?
    This post exceeds your entire quota for 2013...

    1. Are you talking to me or your anonymous admirer?

      How are we any different to anyone else who speculates about his sexuality or even asserts that he's gay?
      I'm not sure we can put too much distinction between the "quite benign good ribbing" of gay columnists and anyone else making similar comments on the web. I imagine it all amounts to the same thing to an 18 year old who clearly doesn't want to talk about it if he is gay, which as you say most people don't know for sure.
      Also, I don't think social media now makes being in the closet impossible. If he desperately wanted to be in the closet he could've done a better job of it. I don't doubt for a second that there is a massive amount of male celebrities who are closeted but most wouldn't know because they do a convincing job of hiding it.
      It's none of our business, but if any of us speculate then I don't think we have much ground to criticise anyone else who does.

      He could very well be bisexual. He could equally be asexual. Who knows?
      In the end, what is true is that virtually every male celebrity has some kind of gay rumour or speculation. It's just the nature of celebrity and the prurient noseyness of people on the web.
      Tom's probably under enormous pressure of various kinds (competing in diving, celebrity, success in both, maybe even providing for his family, who knows) and I think the constant speculation about his sexuality from everyone is just more unnecessary pressure...

    2. And an udder thing: you mention people on Twitter talking about how he talks and how he walks. How is that any different to you saying "he's clearly screaming"?
      It's exactly the same thing.
      What a world.

    3. Well, that's ironed out those contradictions in no uncertain terms.
      With such laser-like debating skillz, I can't fathom out why you never realised your desire to be the next George Orwell...

  2. Well now we know that all of your suspicions were correct. Besides...with a guy like that standing next to you wearing only THAT, how can you not look?