Thursday, 21 March 2013

Gay Marriage: The One Minute Video History!

Birmingham University student Hannah Whitton tells the story of gay marriage by holding up some paper dolls.
It lasts just over a minute, and starts with some laughable social constructionist nonsense about how "There was no gay identity" before the term homosexual was coined in the late 19th Century, only homosexual acts. 
If this is what we get from a history student, we are buggered.
As we are if this is an "award-winning" video.
This is a finalist in The Guardian Student Film Competition, unbelievably.
I was the third person to watch it on YouTube, unsurprisingly.

PS There was a good brief 40something Timeline: Gay Marriage In Law, Pop Culture And The Courts the other day on the American site NPR.

Update: The Guardian show how banal the above "film" is, with a thoughtful piece on Cif by David Shariatmadari; The Language of LGBT Love: Two films about young gay life reveal how the boxes we put ourselves in haven't gone away – they've just got smaller.

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  1. That piece by David Shariatmadari is excellent.