Thursday, 28 March 2013

Grindr: Dicks

Fagburn has been sent a press release by Grindr, Fagburn can exclusively reveal.
According to a survey conducted by Grindr that's not made up and that we couldn't be arsed to check, a stunning 10 billion men across the world are now using this location-based app.
Most log on for 27 hours a day or more.
And they're all horny and fit as fuck, our incredibly scientific and - I can't stress this enough - not made-up survey says.
That hot dude that lives just round the corner from you?
He's here, and his gaping bumhole is waiting for you - no matter if you're as fugly as sin.
New Grindr "hotspots" include the distant planets of Jupiter and Mars, where a gobstopping million men are ready-and-waiting for hot gay sex now, according to this really reliable new survey that isn't made up.
In an exclusive interview with Fagburn, Grindr's Joel Simkhai said; "If you believe any of this crapola, you'll probably also believe most queens on Grindr don't take ten years off their age and add two inches to their dicksize." 
So sign up now!

Fagburn is a completly impartial media partner with Grindr. Usual terms and conditions apply. 

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  1. You missed 'no blacks, no asians, no offence' from the profile pic. x