Thursday, 14 March 2013

New Pope: Not That Big On Bumming Shock

The new Pope, Pope Francis of Rossi, doesn't like the gays much, Gay Stupid News can reveal.
The news has left all those who were hoping the Catholic church would choose a pope who loves the gays literally stunned.
According to a top secret dossier seen by GSN, Francis has a record of saying things about the gays that are not very nice.
I know this sounds like editorialising, but golly gosh we're jolly angry about this. 
When asked what he thought about gay marriage a few years ago, the then archbishop of the ancient Argentine diocese of Rimmingi said; "Meh."
Leading gay commenter Patrick Smugtwit commented; "As someone who has single-handedly exposed the Catholic so-called "church" as being a bit homophobic, I take this as a personal affront."
Mr Smugtwit has urged people to boycott all Catholic church services until Pope Francis says something nice.  

Should the new Pope say nice things about the gays? Take part in our poll.

In other news, new bear seen shitting in woods.


  1. I don't know; shouldn't a gay news site report on the new pope's, you know, history on this matter?

  2. Of course they should.
    What's of note is how they frame it and how they phrase it.