Friday, 15 March 2013

Stirling Moss: Some Of My Best Friends Are Poofters

"I hope the actor would be masculine, not a poofter or anything like that. Perhaps the guy from Skyfall?"

Stirling Moss - "veteran driving ace" - on who'd play him in the (non-existent) movie, quoted in the Mail Online.
I don't like to bring age into this, I hope to be old myself one day, but all reports I've seen have stressed Mr Moss is 83.
Is this meant to make it okay?
Or is it a sign of senile dementia?
Stirling was last in the news when he was hospitalised after falling three storeys when he tried to get in a "lift" that wasn't there. 
Rather brilliantly, when contacted by Mail Online, Stirling kept on digging...

"Certainly I've got very many friends who are of the different persuasion; I just wouldn't want to be that way and I'm glad I'm not.
"They are not going to make a film about me in any case but if they did, I think someone who's masculine would be better than someone who's effeminate, because I've spent my whole life chasing crumpet and racing cars.
"That's what I was all about - going around the world and spreading happiness. It wouldn't obviously work if I was played by that lovely chap Kenneth Williams who played upon being poofy.
"I'm sorry I've caused offence, but I didn't mean to cause any. I personally am very grateful to homosexuals because the more of them there are around, the more women are free for me."

Veteran driving comedy GOLD!

PS The Mail now has a dedicated message board thread on this titled... 'Poofter' Row.
It's every bit as glorious as you imagine.

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  1. 'that lovely chap Kenneth Williams who played upon being poofy.'
    You couldn't make it up!