Monday, 20 May 2013

Advert: An Open Letter From Nigel Farage

Full disclosure: When Nigel Farage approached us last week saying he wanted to place this advert with Fagburn, we refused to accept any payment.
We believe Ukip is now the natural home for all our island nation's mad swivel-eyed loons, and heartily agree with all of their policies, whatever they may be.
We further believe that Nigel is the greatest Prime Minister this country has yet to have, especially now the equally charismatic and plain-speaking Sir Oswald Mosley is sadly no longer with us.
If The Gays want to get married, they should move to France or somewhere else a bit funny and foreign, and leave us proud Englishmen free to smoke in pubs, while drinking pints of warm bitter (paid for in thrupenny bits) and watching some jousting, in peace.

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