Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Aggressive Homosexuals: This Means War!

Steve Bell's cartoon in The Guardian.

Though there was an avalanche of nonsense, bigotry and hate released yesterday - and some sentimental liberal vomit from "our side" - the buzzphrase from the debate on the Marriage Bill soon emerged as "aggressive homosexuals".
This was in tribute to leading Tory grandee loonbat Sir Gerald Howarth's comments to the House...

"I fear that the playing field is not being levelled. I believe that the pendulum is now swinging so far the other way that there are plenty in the aggressive homosexual community who see this as but a stepping-stone..."*

A stepping stone to what exactly?
How does one go about join this aggressive homosexual community?
And can you please stop mixing your metaphors quite so terribly?
This was so ridiculous it soon became a hashtag on Twitter, #aggressivehomosexuals; Nigel Slayer, Kill Bert & George, Sir Ian McKillin', Russell Grant Mitchell, Extremely Vicious Old Queens, "I'm free... to kill again!" etc etc.
All most amusing, but listening to Gerald Howarth today, it just sounded incredibly sinister, with echoes of Rivers Of Blood.

* You can listen to it as a soundclip here via The Guardian.

PS The "aggressive homosexuals" thing also soon gave rise to some lame, forced and painfully unfunny reworkings unto parodic accounts of "straightbashing" incidents and being hit with pink feather boas or pink feather dusters and the like. Ho ho ho. Here's a real stinker from "comedy" site NewsBiscuit. Even Vicious was funnier than this, FFS. 

Update: A piece by Michael White went up on The Guardian Online on Tuesday afternoon; Gay marriage is a detox symbol for Cameron, but is it worth the trouble?
After a heck of lot of waffle - and White agreeing with Mr Howarth "that one or two gay rights lobbies adopt the same kind of aggressive tactics that militants do in most campaigns"! - we discover that although Princess Michael thinks most people now aren't bothered by gay marriage being introduced,
"But other swaths of public opinion, they may even be small swaths, care a great deal. They are the grannies protesting – here and abroad – with their "Marriage = Man + Woman" placards, the clergymen, rabbis and imams who protest against what they regard as the tainting of the core institution of civil society down the ages, the family that consists of parents, children, grandchildren, aunts, cousins, pets."
So it's not the aggressive homosexuals we need to fear, it's the unaggressive grannies with pets.
So think on.