Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Cruising: Toad In The Hole?

Families have complained that a nature reserve said to have inspired The Wind in the Willows has become a hotspot for gay sex.
Police said patrols may be stepped up to stop the car park being hogged by couples.
Hogmoor Copse, near Pangbourne, Berks, where author Kenneth Grahame lived, gets four out of five on the Gay Cruising in Berkshire website.
But one walker said police should “give it back to the right kind of nature lover”.
Englefield Estate, which owns the car park, said it will be speaking to officers.

Daily Mirror.

Oh hahaha! Well fancy that!
Except it's not really the - doubtless idyllic - Hogmoor Copse nature reserve.
The website, which is actually called Gay Cruising, says it's a layby on the A4.
And if you think a "cruising ground" being mentioned on the internet is any guarantee it's going to be a "hotbed for gay sex", well good luck to you, dude.
Especially if it's the 11th "hottest" in Berkshire, with two ratings!
And Wind In The Willows was famously inspired by Cookham, where Kenneth grew up.
So basically you meant; "Layby nowhere near the place that inspired The Wind in the Willows is probably far from being a hotspot for gay sex".
Oh, and Mole, Ratty, Mr Toad and Mr Badger were clearly all queer as coots, so I don't think they'd be that bothered, anyway. 

PS The Mirror story ends with a Sex In Public photo gallery! Some readers may be disappointed to find it's mainly photos of doggers' cars.

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