Friday, 17 May 2013

Cuba: Hot Shirtless Communist Dudes

Last time Fagburn wrote about Cuba, everyone agreed how much they loved this happy land. 
And so it is at The Advocate - America's second biggest gay magazine - who've published a photo essay about Cuba.
It's basically lots and lots of photos of hot shirtless dudes in pants, obvs.
Fine by me, they're lovely.
The accompanying interview with the photographer, Kevin Slack, isn't some rehashed US State Department propaganda spiel about how Cuba's one big prison camp and they put gay men in prison camps - far from it. 
Maybe that's because Slack is Canadian, not American.
"I try to tell my Cuban friends that in Canada, it’s cold and gray and we hide in our houses and we don’t know our neighbors and we work and we work and we talk about celebrities and mortgages. But in Cuba, there is theater everywhere. There are people everywhere. There is joy and beauty everywhere. And at least as far as I can see, they know how to live, they know how to love, they dance and drink and smoke and fuck and celebrate life."
I was pleasantly surprised the Advocate ran it in this form, but in the land of the gay maybe cock conquers all.  
Being a Canadian citizen also means Slack is free to visit Cuba and work there without risking prison back home.
His hawt photos might make a few American gay men want to go on holiday to Cuba.
Problem is the US government still says that they can't.
América libre! 

Kevin Slack's website.  

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