Friday, 17 May 2013

Daily Mail: From The Message Boards

Daily Mail.

Some favourite comments left by readers in the first hour or so...

Why DM does the story have to contain public displays of affection at s Pride parade? It's a minority of LGBT people that have ever attended a parade. I believe I know the answer already.. it sets off people that are uncomfortable with same sex PDA's. This story could have been told with different photos and would more than likely not illicit as many negative comments as it will. I don't really care for any PDA straight or gay. We've all been in a bar/pub where we'd like to walk up to people and ask them to get a room. It's not sexy and does nothing for those not involved aside from creep them out. - Terry-Proud UK Expat.

Not agreeing with how people live their lives should not mean they have to Hate them ..that is not right !!- Hev.

And what about attacks on straight people by the gay community? This also happens quite a lot - Alice

Why is there a pic of extremely camp gay men illustrating this?? Most gay people don't go around like this. - NAOMI.

Although I condemn all physical violence against anyone regardless of their colour, race, creed or sexuality I do think that people should use a bit of discretion. The top photo is sadly bound to stir up violence from some people....Is this embracing in public really necessary. It appears that some members from the gay ( although I do not like using that word) community want to show the "I can, therefore I will" attitude. I think this could lead to provocation - Ted.

PS A quip here about hate-filled abuse by Mail columnists is probably too obvious to bother with.
The Mail basically just reprinted a wire story from Associated Press, without no spin or comment.
"Blaming the victim" is, of course, a favourite tactic of the right - "There wouldn't be a problem if they didn't act so bleedin' gay" etc etc - shame some of these comments look like they're from gaybores. 

The EU survey can be read online here. ILGA have also just published a country-by-country survey and map of LGBT rights in Europe here.

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