Thursday, 16 May 2013

David Beckham: So Farewell Then...

The world of gay has been literally sent spinning off its axis by the news that David Beckham is retiring from the professional footyball, Fagburn can reveal.
The former England soccerball captain is one of only two footballers gay men can name, even though they have no idea who he plays for now.
Pink Star News has called him the biggest "gay icon" since Margaret Thatcher.
Asked what accounted for David's gay icon-ness, editor Quentin Smithers told Fagburn; "Not sure really, we say it about anyone - Sonia, Christopher Biggins, Rylan Clark..."
Leading gay commentator, Patrick Smugtwit, has tweeted; "But is Becks a secret gay who will now come out like Robbie Rogers? #sobrave". 
The 38 year-old "metrosexual" is perhaps best known to The Gays for marrying Posh Spice, and selling overpriced underpants by being photographed in a pair of said knickers with a sock shoved down the front.
Dave in Accounts says there was also an incident involving "a sarong". 
More when we've Googled it and checked Wikipedia... 

Update: 39 Pics Of Becks In His Kecks, Huff Post. A fitting tribute...


  1. He said on Radio 4 this morning that he hoped he would be remembered for his performances on the pitch.

    I expect all those naked near-naked photo-shoots happened kinda unintentionally while he was pondering soccer tactics.

    1. Lots of double-page spreads filled with photos of David's ever changing hairstyles in today's papers.
      I would post links but I'm sure people will want to buy their own copies as souvenirs.

  2. On a more serious note, I had to admire him when interviewed by the (revolting) Michael Parkinson some years ago where “Parkie” asked him his opinion about his being a gay icon. Becks replied something to the effect that he was flattered (unclear whether he meant it or not but at least he said it on telly – in front of Posh) and reiterated that he didn’t mind one iota despite the incredulity of the said “Parkie”. Quite impressive for a high-profile footballer to do that however metrosexual he might be.