Saturday, 18 May 2013

Derren Brown: The Ex-Christian Movement

It makes me cringe to look back at when I was religious. At university, I spent a lot of time sitting in the pub telling people why God exists and why they must become Christians. I believed it. But there is something called confirmation bias, where once you’ve got an idea in your head, it’s hard not to look out for things that confirm it, whether it’s that you believe someone doesn’t like you or that you believe you have a gambling system. It’s a very human urge, and you’re no less prone to it if you’re not religious. 

From What I've Learnt in The Times' Magazine. 

There is also - but of course - the compulsory comment about coming out; "It makes a big difference, because you realise you can relate to people better. For example, you’re constantly avoiding the question of sex; people have those discussions all the time and you’re not volunteering anything."

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