Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dominique Venner: Pour Encourager Les Autres

Dominique Venner, an almost unfeasibly right-wing French historian and tinpot terrorist, has shot himself in the head inside Notre-Dame de Paris, apparently in protest against gay marriage and all the Muslamics and that.
No great loss to the world.
Let's hope this selfish act inspires more of his kind to kill themselves in similarly futile gestures. 


  1. So according to this mans logic its not acceptable for two people to express love and happiness in a church but extreme bloody death violence is fine behavior at his oh so sacred alter.

    1. Brilliant!
      I might now ask you to gaymarry me.


  2. Perchance to break that little diver's frail heart?
    To read in your beloved morning newspapers of his very final dive from the towering heights of Beachy Head?
    Oh.. I might say YES! To hell with him! and run like the wind, cake-toppers to buy!

  3. No.
    S'okay, gay polygamy is next on the agenda.