Thursday, 16 May 2013

Eurovision: Celtic Tattoo

There, on screen, was a vision of almost breath-taking beauty. A shirtless Irishman in tight plastic trousers, covered in swirling tattoos, pounding a violent, thunderous beat on the taught goatskin of his bodhran drum.
He was a glistening, kinetic animal from the dawn of time, plucked from the rain-swept Comeragh Mountains. He was a lithe Celtic spirit, a muscled eel spat from the surging spray of the River Clanrye. He was a giant Irish elk, thrumming his powerful, glistening limbs against fate itself. There were two other drummers and a perma-tanned perma-flat singer, but no one cared. 
There was an almost instant Twittergasm. The entire British Eurovision audience (gays and women) went berserk. “Who is that muscled drummer boy?” tweets squeeled. “How do I get to be that drum?”

Andy West in The Independent.

I thought this article was worth noting, as it made me think how rare it is to have a man writing in a national newspaper that he fancies another man, and so matter-of-factly too.
(Conversely, saying you're gay and love Eurovision is now a commonplace in the media).
There are however lots of filler articles with someone saying "I'd go gay for...", or about tedious celebrity bromances - otherwise this is usually confined to the problem pages.

PS If you want to find out what The Gays are thinking about this year's Eurovision - which seems to veer between arcane facts, filthy thoughts, fashion tips and fagjokes - follow @eurovicious and @worldofchig on that Twitter.

Update: In Friday's Sun BBC ESC presenters Scott Mills and Ana Matronic explain why "I'm gay/I love The Gays and I love Eurovision".
Ana says it's "like a drag pageant on steroids."


  1. "a taught goatskin", eh? Clever things, these goatskins.

  2. Well spotted - Spellcheck is a cruel mistress...