Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Gay Marriage: All Over Bar The Fuming?

David Cameron stoked Tory anger last night after he struck an eleventh-hour deal with Labour to save his divisive gay marriage plans.
Even with Labour support the Government suffered a bruising evening as two Cabinet members and nine junior ministers led dozens of Tories to vote against the leadership.
Rebel efforts to secure opt-outs for registrars opposed to gay marriage and extra protection for churches were defeated with the aid of Labour and Lib Dem MPs. But the sheer scale of Tory opposition to the Prime Minister, on a free vote, was a sign of how mutinous the party has become.
More than 100 Conservative MPs, led by Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, and Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, lined up against Mr Cameron on the first amendment of the evening.
But on the night’s key vote, a “wrecking amendment” that would extend civil partnerships to heterosexual couples, the Prime Minister was forced to accept Labour demands for a swift review in order to see off the threat. Senior Conservatives were infuriated by what they branded “yet another instance of utter incompetence” by the party leadership...

The Times - the only paper today to make the Marriage Bill their front-page lead.
Though the headline's line - "drives Cameron into Labour's arms" - is both over-the-top and based on a schoolboy snigger.
Not half as deliriously OTT as their sister paper The Sun >>> - Is Rupert Murdoch phoning these in?
There was a wrecking amendment, after some consultation with Labour it was voted out (and only 56 Tory MPs voted for it), and the bill was passed - how is that a "kicking"?
The consensus seems to be that the bill will now be waived through the Lords and we could all be getting gaymarried before the year's out.
But, as The Times' leader said David Cameron can now get on with the politically euphemismtastic tasks of "cutting the deficit and reforming the economy", I wouldn't advise on planning too elaborate a wedding.

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