Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Gay Marriage: An Alternative View

What The Papers Said...

The push to redefine marriage has been branded a ‘crazy, vote-losing obsession’, an “embarrassment”, and “bad politics”, by three national newspapers.
The Sun said the Conservatives were in “a wilderness of dismal poll ratings and vicious Tory civil war”, triggered by David Cameron’s “own lily-livered leadership, casual arrogance and suicidal political instincts”.
The Daily Telegraph criticised Mr Cameron’s “insensitive” push for the change, saying it “fuelled that impression that he is part of a privileged clique that looks upon ordinary members as ‘swivel-eyed loons’”.
And the Daily Mail described the Conservative Party as “clattering” [Eh?] and said its leader was “utterly at odds with traditional Tories” over the issue.

This is the latest video news bulletin and press round-up by our friends at the Christian Institute.
Fagburn is publishing them here to show our deep commitment to objectivity, and to fair and balanced reporting.
Moreover, we're concerned that they regularly go to all that trouble of mocking-up a TV studio when they're only averaging 80 views a day. 

PS The Christian Institute never reply to our emails about why they chose their God over, say, the more fun-sounding Zeus, but now feels like a time for bridge-building, so let's let bygones be bygones.

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